Meet James Jones III

Enderly Coffee Lover, Meet James. James, Meet Enderly Coffee Lover. And so, the relationship begins...

James Jones is the third. He’s preceded by his father and grandfather. He’s also our new Hospitality Facilitator at Enderly, what we hope to be a third place to gather - not your home or mine, not your place of employment,  but a home-away-from-home, everybody-knows-your-name place for QC neighbors to meet for a cup of responsibly grown, people-centric coffee. That is James too = people focused, responsibly grown and mentored by Ryan Grammatico through Right Moves for Youth; Ryan is the man behind our coffee roaster, much of the time. Both Ryan and James are openly candid, refreshingly professional and youthful. Solid and winsome!

James previously worked with the nonprofit, Wings for Kids, teaching 4th grade boys social and emotional skills. There’s no taller task that requires more patience than to teach a 4th grade boy how to talk about his emotions. And on past Mondays, James steps away from his teaching role and puts on his student hat, learning from Tony - visiting coffee shops around CLT, helping with packaging, building coffee knowledge - cupping, pinpointing flavors, roasting, perfecting the espresso as of late. He told me he feels like he’s getting a good mix of everything he’s going to need.

Photo cred: @amye_roberts on IG

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Come on in -

And introduce yourself to James. Let him know your order, your quirky cinnamon request, or what not, and let him and Enderly WOW you with our new home. Doors open at 7 am! Photo courtesy of @ellimcguire



As our shop was built up one beam at a time, we’re happy to have James to help with creating the community focus for our shop’s grand opening, (*insert drum roll here)......which is SOON!

We are currently in our "Soft Opening" from Tuesday to Saturday, 7am - 2pm.  This Soft Opening will allow us to refine our practice and procedures and finalize menu design.  Please stop by any help us "practice". 

Part of the Enderly goal is to make sure whomever comes into the shop is as pleased as possible and has a great experience - James is our coffee barista making that happen!

James describes himself as someone who “brings energy - that’s been my whole life, high energy, positivity, great smile….It’s already been a great experience working with Enderly...see the process of the shop open….growth...move forward...I want to open up my own business one day, so my goal is to learn the ins and outs, building those relationships. If I can leave, feeling like I've done something, than I've done something right."

Like James said, our hope is you’ll visit Enderly Coffee Co. leaving feeling like you’ve done something. Yes, you have a cup of coffee in your hand, but you've been greeted by name with your order already on your barista's mind, you've waved at regulars and all supporting Enderly, a company who is all about people - our shop, a connecting point in CLT, and be assured that James will do his darndest to know your order - consider it your place. Welcome home!

 2620 Tuckaseegee Rd. | Charlotte, NC 28208

 2620 Tuckaseegee Rd. | Charlotte, NC 28208