Behind the Beans - Meet Marquell

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Behind the scenes at Enderly Coffee is big, burlap sacks of beans, cups left over from cupping, a giant red roaster - bags and bags and bags and bags of beans. And most importantly, the people whom we love. He's most likely had his hands on your bag o' beans - meet Marquell Pettiford. He has had his hands in Enderly Coffee long enough he has earned the title "Packaging Aficionado" on his business card.

I met Marquell when first visiting the Enderly warehouse. We immediately had a connection because I taught at Harding University High School where he attended for awhile. We reminisced to see if we remembered similar people, and as an English teacher I dug a bit deeper to get him talking about his love for writing lyrics.

I asked him a few other questions too:

What are your life goals?
1. Finish my computer engineering degree
2. Get a good paying job
3. Play college football, so I can learn more because eventually, I want to coach football
4. Get married and have a bunch of kids, so they won't be lonely. Eventually, buy a house, start a business. Whatever God calls me to do.

Where are you in school right now for computer engineering?
I'm currently enrolled at CPCC for my Associates Degree. Then, I will transfer over to a four year college, preferrably whomever I can play football for and is in state. 

What kind of father do you want to be? Explain and describe.
I want to be an active father. Active as in attending school events helping with school work. Helping coach my child (son) hopefully, in sports or with girls. Spend a lot of time outside in the world; just to talk and understand the world, so my child can grow to be an educated black man like myself.

What has God called you to do right now?
I feel like God has called me to teach the people I'm closest to. Teach whatever I can, because God is teaching me so many different things and I can use this to bless others. I often find myself in places I never thought I would be (like working in the coffee industry), and I figured it's because I can use what I'm learning to teach the people I'm closest to. 

Tell me about your writing/music...songs, inspiration, what you're doing with it. When you started? 
I just want to send a positive message to our youth through my music. Show them that there is  more to the world than what social media and the radio say. I want to stress the fact that being real with yourself can help you be real with others. I want to connect with the people on a personal level (Can you tell why Marquell is an asset at Enderly? He's about people too!). A lot of times we find ourselves portraying something that we're not or can't have, and the world makes us feel like we're lame or this and that if we don't be what they want us to be, and our younger kids are vulnerable to this. I want to show them that anyone can make it, never limit yourself. It gets deeper than just making music for me. I feel like I can impact people's lives, and people would be able to relate to me and to how I feel in my music. 

Please add anything else you'd like to add:
My circumstances now, being around so many lost young people is really my motivation. I want to be able to say that I overcame adversity; when the world was made to be against me, I beat the system. Knowing that so many people counted me out, even when I was at my lowest point I still stayed positive. My family pushed me hard to stay focused because it's so easy to lose everything I worked for.


How did you first get connected with Enderly?
I met Tony through a non-profit called QC Family Tree.  I have been connected with the Family Tree for about 8-9 years helping with the community and mission trips. They are in Enderly Park.  I met Tony at a coffee event I was working with The Family Tree and soon worked with Tony at a farmers market. We met and talked about how I can do my job to the best of my ability, at first. Over time we built a personal relationship which has spilled over into a mentorship. He teaches me how to make business decisions and manage my money.  

Marquell is an asset to Enderly. He's our people and so are you. Thanks for supporting us. Buy a bag of beans here. 

Cyimbili = Change

Written By Holly Blackman

There’s a reason our Cyimbili Coffee is often sold out. It’s bold, smooth, balanced dark roast is our most popular bean to date, for many it is a must-have daily staple. We are thankful because this bag of coffee is the result of ALARM's attempt to rejuvenate the Cyimbili farm on the shores of Lake Kivu in Western Rwanda, to bring hope again to the region.

These hills were once the most prominent coffee production plantations. In 1994, the Rwandan Genocide destroyed the plantation, and ALARM, a ministry in this region, is focusing their efforts on not just rebuilding, but toward teaching and assisting people to help themselves. They use the SEES model to measure the Spiritual, Economic, Environmental and Social impact for the community development project.

Here’s their impact in a nutshell:

Employment (Economic)

The Cyimbili plantation provides jobs for the entire community in the surrounding areas.  Cyimbili has 39,370+ trees planted, which have produced coffee beans for the 2017 harvest.  To care for these trees, it takes 170 full-time workers.   During harvest time, it requires an additional 150 temporary workers.  The plantation pays their workers twice the amount other coffee plantations pay their workers.  This drives up the expenses of producing the coffee, but making a profit is only one of the factors that is important in this holistic Kingdom business.

Evangelism & Discipleship (Spiritual)

The plantation provides a great opportunity for evangelism and discipleship for the employees, suppliers, and visitors that visit the plantation.  Not all employees are believers; but most are, but that is not a requirement to be an employee. The employees start their day at 6:30 a.m. with a chapel where there is worship, prayer and a devotional.  

Education (Social)

There is a school on the plantation for grades 1 through 12.  These classes are provided at a very nominal cost, and there are scholarships available to help the students with financial needs.

Health (Social)

There is a medical clinic on the plantation that is staffed by the Rwandan Government Health Care Works.  The plantation provides the employees with health insurance, and the clinic provides health care services to the employees and other residents in the community.

Wastewater Treatment (Environmental)

Cyimbili creates wastewater in the process of producing green coffee beans.  They are beginning a project to correct this problem and put a process in place that will keep this water from reaching Lake Kivu.  They are in the process of raising funds for the construction of this system.

Guest House (Economic/Social)

Cyimbili plantation is on The Congo Nile Trail, which is a walking and bike trail along Lake Kivu that extends from Rubavu, continues through Rutsiro, via the Karongi, Nyamasheke districts, and ends at the Rusizi District.  There are

227 km (141 miles) of beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills and clear water. The entire trek can be completed in a 10-day hike. However, the trip can be done in sections if travelers do not have the time to complete the entire trail. Trails give stunning views of the Lake Kivu coastline and offer adventurous travelers an exciting way to discover Rwanda.  Cyimbili has a guesthouse where guests can rent a room and meals while on the trail.  This is another source of income to move the project towards sustainability.


The employees raise all the vegetables for feeding the guests from a large garden they maintain.  

The goal for this project is moving towards sustainably.  Please continue to pray for Cyimbili as the employees are working hard to become sustainable.    

Buy our coffee here and support the Cyimbili plantation.

How is Enderly like Kia?

Written By Holly Blackman

Enderly is proud to partner with the Balzac Brothers who imports Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee.

Enderly is proud to partner with the Balzac Brothers who imports Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee.

We're not like Melissa McCarthy in Kia's Super Bowl spot, running after every environmental cause, animal rights opportunity, but at Enderly, we do keep the environment in-mind because sustainability is key for the farmers' families' livelihood; we are proud to work with a company who is still committed to preserving the rainforest, the land, for the small farmers around the world and in the Tarrazu region's co-op in Costa Rica.

Our partner, the Balzac Brothers Company, are the first importers to import a full container of the Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee. I first chocked this up to an environmental sales pitch, but once I started digging, I gained an entirely new respect for the coffee they sell.

What are Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffees? Coffee with this certification means a third party audits the farmer annually, "using a rigorous standard with detailed environmental, social and economic criteria. These criteria are designed to protect biodiversity, deliver financial benefits to farmers, and foster a culture of respect for workers and local communities." (*Rainforest Alliance).

The Tarrazu region sustainable growing area in Costa Rica. Our medium-bodied, citrus noted coffee, La Pastora, hails from this region.

The Tarrazu region sustainable growing area in Costa Rica. Our medium-bodied, citrus noted coffee, La Pastora, hails from this region.

"Decades ago, coffee farms were virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding forest. However, in the 1970s the introduction of a new hybrid coffee plant requiring agrochemicals and full-sun exposure led many farmers to cut down their forests and abandon their traditional ways. This high-tech approach to farming has devastated lands throughout the tropics."

"On Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, coffee grows in harmony with nature: soils are healthy, waterways are protected, trash is reduced or recycled, wildlife thrives and migratory bird habitat flourishes. In addition, hundreds of farms we work with have adopted climate-smart techniques that sequester carbon. Most importantly, farm communities learn the importance of protecting their natural resources, and they acquire the tools and resources to do so."

The Tarrazu region sustainable growing area in Costa Rica. Our medium-bodied citrus blend, La Pastora, hails from this region.

"Since 1995, the Rainforest Alliance has strengthened the position of coffee farmers by training them in methods that boost yields and safeguard the health of the land for future generations. All of this is part of [their] global strategy to ensure the long-term well-being of farm communities, as well as the forests and wildlife on which we all depend" (*Rainforest Alliance).
Rainforest Alliance certification also promotes decent living and working conditions for workers, gender equity and access to education for children in farm communities, hence the school at the co-op in Tarrazu.

We applaud the Balzac Brothers for pioneering the importation of Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee (and on their centennial anniversary!). We are proud to bring their beans hailing from the co-op in the Tarrazu region to your cup, knowing each small farmer is paid fairly, given access to education and sustainably growing our prized beans - La Pastora. We're not jumping on environmental cause trains like Melissa because at Enderly we know who we are - we value relationships and that includes our relationship with the environment and suppliers who do the same.


What fills your cup?

Written By Holly Blackman

Reflections are sometimes painful, sometimes raw unearthed desires are dug up, left exposed. As Tony and Becky said goodbye to their dying neighbor in the early days of this year, they were forced to reflect on their journey - what led them to Enderly Park and what Enderly Coffee will be this year.  You can view it as philanthropic if you like. Knowing Becky and Tony, their story goes far deeper than reflecting on their prized coffee beans. Down deep it is about relationships.

circa 2007 as new grads from MSU

circa 2007 as new grads from MSU

Enderly is about people. 
People are all that matter.

It's not happenstance Tony and Becky are here in Charlotte, but it sure wasn't in their original plan. They left Michigan State University proudly wearing rose-colored glasses, education degrees under their arms like blueprints for teaching in Detroit's Brightmoor Neighborhood at City Mission Academy.

Brightmoor neighborhood was purchased by investors in the 1960s, has been run down and abandoned, and is now full of  homes sitting vacant. empty. broken. A place awaiting new beginnings and creativity, but Charlotte Mecklenburg School System was recruiting hard, also awaiting creativity, and Tony and Becky believed they could benefit from building their experience before helping to build community in Detroit. 

Thus (and thankfully), they found their place in Charlotte - Becky settled into a 3rd grade teacher position and Tony into a 5th grade teacher role, both spending most of their career in East Charlotte. However, they nestled across town into Enderly Park, building a nest for their kids who would come later, but also for 'their kids' - the next door neighbor who Becky and Tony tutored and the kids who would come over to climb trees or play football in the street.  It was not uncommon for Becky to look out to door for Tony in the evening to find him under the street lights building relationships with the men in the surrounding houses or chatting on the neighbors porch, carrying a laundry basket full of laundry needing to be dried.  People are what matter.  

Their new abode was complete with a front yard for games, a porch swing, and an open door for tutoring. During all of this Tony and Becky remembered their roots - coffee, what led them to each other.

As their family grew, their roles changed and Becky began to work in the Children's Ministry at their church. Tony, after being awarded the Teacher of the Year award and reaching a point in his teaching career where he believed he could help others outside of the classroom just as much as inside the schoolhouse, his taste for coffee and love for roasting began to feel right. It even kept him up at night (roasting, of course).

Their love for people, families, neighbors, church members - Charlotte - never wavered, yet their passion in the classroom did as they began to grow their family and they had to find balance between the near impossible job of a teacher and a young, growing family. They found themselves with hearts for others and with hands around great cups of coffee - why couldn't they venture out and combine them?

There was no obligatory mission or agenda attached to their business. No, there was and just is love in crafting Enderly (after Enderly Park), one decision at a time.

Photo: @unclejut

Photo: @unclejut

Each bean selected is researched, "interviewed" as Tony selects those where the farmer is taken care of through fair trade. The environment is carefully considered because we want our beans to give back to others, not strip the land.  But with all of the attention on beans, the real attention is on people chosen to work at Enderly (check them out here - What a crew!?) and the people who surround the Santoros.  They are all selected out of love - to invest in the community and to love those around them on their front porches, next door, their church members, Charlotte.

You may not remember Tony and Becky, and that's okay. But know that it's not chance they are the people behind Enderly; their intentional journey has led them here.

Enderly has and always will be about people - loving them, educating them, investing in them - that is what has always filled the Santoro's cups and always will.

What fills your cup? 


Enderly Park - THE OLD WITH THE NEW.

Enderly Park Sign.jpg

Written By Holly Blackman

The Cheers' version of neighborhoods, where everybody knows your name, are purely nostalgic these days. The art of neighboring is not lost, not yet. There's not a place to grab a cup of coffee in Enderly Park (at least not yet) but the best coffee in town once teased the nostrils of all neighbors within smelling range.

Tony & Becky moved into Enderly Park, a neighborhood west of Uptown, tucked away off of Freedom Drive, in 2007. It's nestled in the Camp Greene area, which was originally established as a WWI training camp.

Being CMS teachers was great training for Tony and Becky. As Enderly Park neighbor and pillar Reverend David Simmons put it, "the children would get off the school bus and run to the teachers' (Tony and Becky's) house. They'd have children on the porch - playing games, doing homework with them, laughing. The children loved them!" Becky and Tony eventually had children of their own and in 2012, which is around when Tony decided to begin roasting coffee. (You may have heard their coffee love story, and if you haven't, you should. Read more here).

Well, the roasting by hand began in their backyard, and, "Free coffee smells wafting through the neighborhood" became more commonplace in Enderly Park as Tony purchased his first roaster and would burn the midnight oil, roasting on their front porch. 


Reverend Simmons said, "People the next morning would ask me, 'Reverend, did you smell coffee last night?', and I'd tell'em about Tony," Simmons laughed as he proudly reminisced, almost like a grandfather would, about Enderly Coffee's tremendous growth.

Simmons remembers Tony mentioning wanting to begin Enderly Coffee. "He always would say, 'I want to put back into Enderly Park. I want to help build some positive energy around West Charlotte." And Enderly Coffee has done just that.

Simmons wears his Enderly Coffee t-shirt sometimes to visit sick congregation members, and he said, "Nurses and doctors or people at the hospital will always talk about how they love Enderly Coffee, and I say I do too. I also tell them that I live in Enderly Park, and we get talking about the neighborhood. I didn't realize I was an advertisement for [Tony]," he laughed.

Not everyone knows about Enderly Park's rich history. Simmons, who has lived in his house for the past 28 years and was the inaugural neighborhood association President, has seen the Enderly Park neighborhood dramatically change. Simmons said you don't know everyone's name anymore, but the new Enderly Park Recreation Center and other efforts to revitalize the area are helpful. 

Maybe Blue Blaze right around the corner will become a Cheers of sorts, or maybe a coffee shop will be a gathering place and you'll pull up a chair and be greeted by name. ;) 

Until then, start learning about the rich history of Enderly Park from Sydenham B. Alexander's rural Mecklenburg estate, Enderly, to the Lakewood Amusement Park where city dwellers were shuttled to via trolley and even more about Camp Greene. More to come in future blogs.  Enderly Coffee, though fairly new, has put its roots in a place full of history, and we look forward to shaping the story of our beloved neighborhood as we grow alongside the neighbors and community we love.

What About the Coffee Farmer?

Written By Holly Blackman

The sad, traditional path of a coffee bean dollar

  • $0.10 goes to the farmer
  • $0.25 goes to the "cayote" for transport
  • $0.20 goes to the exporter/shipper
  • $0.45 goes to the roaster or local shop

              And the farmer stays poor.

That is why at Enderly we are intentional about our beans. For one of our beans, we have chosen to partner with the Leivas family, whose mission is "to aid and enrich the lives of coffee growers in Guatemala by turning modest profit into great works of compassion".  The Leivas make a way for small farmers to find a market in the largest economy in the world by finding customers for their product. They sell directly to the public, cutting out the middle men, so they can give back to the farmers and their families.  They also sell to us, Enderly Coffee, having the same results.

So, this Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, we hope you'll join us with intentional, missional purchasing because our dollars are all supporting something, but what? To buy our Guatemala Leivas beans now and help a farming family, click below, or share this info. to spread the word.

A note from Geovanni Leiva, "Leiva's mission is to break cycles of poverty and give hope where there has never been before. We do it by locking arms with coffee lovers and like minded people. Tony Santoro was one of the very 1st people that said yes to our call to join our Familia. Through our partnership, we have been able to provide clean water, fund a school and build homes for single moms. Our future depends on more partnerships like this. Thank you Enderly Coffee for choosing Leiva's!"

We're All About That Buzz, 'Bout that Buzz, No Worries!

Written By Holly Blackman

You may be thinking about how much Halloween candy to buy for tonight, so you're not that house who turns off the light by 7 pm, or perhaps, you're drawing straws with family members to see who'll cook the bird this Thanksgiving. And chances are, whether you're ready or not, that your work is all abuzz with holiday planning.

What to give clients?

Harry & David? (I suppose if they're 70+); Ornaments? (They have enough and more that never leave their attic!); Ghiradelli & Lindt chocolates? (Maybe, but I suggest our Guatemalan - Leivas blend!) Who doesn't enjoy a gift that supports others filling their cup on a cold morning or a bag of roasted beans from a local company who gives back to the community? Plus, you can use your own logo to market yourself while gift-giving! Contact Tony here to learn more.

Or maybe corporate gifts aren't your thing, and you're thinking more along the lines of personal gifts. 

I loathe the 1 million who told that they're already finished Christmas shopping (uh!) or even the 34 million people who have already started! If you're a planner and need a gift your boss'll enjoy, your son's preschool teacher will savor and your next door neighbor will also use every day, than besides the obvious choice (toilet paper!), Enderly Coffee is the way to go. 

Probability is on your side that it won't be re-gifted because 83% of Americans (according to the National Coffee Association) drink coffee, and how many more keep the divine beans on hand for guests (hello holidays!!)? The odds are in your favor and speaking of favor, what better party gift at a holiday party or served as pour overs at a holiday breakfast? Go big or go home! Your guests will leave with a different kind of buzz - one that'll give them the energy to finish that Christmas shopping, and to finish shopping, alas, we must begin... 

Coffee = community, and Goodwill is serving both at Community Table Bistro.

Written By Holly Blackman

There aren't a lot of places in Charlotte where you see strangers sitting together at a custom-hewn table, unless they have beers in hand. Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont has created a sans-alcohol community space on their new Goodwill Opportunity Campus down Wilkinson Boulevard, and what better way to foster conversation than over a cup of coffee, Enderly Coffee in fact. We are proudly served at the Community Table Bistro starting at 6:30 am - 5 pm M-F. This is Goodwill's new venture into fostering community in a food desert, creating and training individuals for jobs, and creating a common space for people to get to know others in a laid back, low-key spot. Charlotte's in need of community conversations, and this is neutral ground.

Andrew King, former owner of High Cotton Catering and Hotel Charlotte Restaurant, was challenged last February with opening a bistro on Goodwill's new campus located in a food desert. The Bistro has multiple missions - to offer a range of options for veggies and to be affordable. King nailed it! Not only does the Bistro offer veggies galore, but he orchestrated it where they make nearly everything from scratch and grow their own herbs on site with no items priced over $7.99. Sounds to good to be true, right?! Get this - When Andrew was researching coffee companies, "It only made sense," he said when he found out that Enderly was located in the same neighborhood as the former Goodwill Career Development Center AND when, "I heard Tony tell his story, I knew that was who we were going to work with." 

I actually ran into a lady at the Bistro who was filling her travel mug with Enderly. She is a Goodwill employee and told me, "I have five kids, and I have never in my life liked coffee, but I come down here every day. I HAVE to have THIS coffee! Tell them they're doing good!"

You may have the urge to fill your cup too, and if you're near the airport, West End, or want to go shopping or snag a delicious meal for under $8 (did I mention that everything is done in house from scratch and is divine), stop by the bistro or schedule a meeting there. It is full of light and space to spread out. There are also meeting rooms to rent and plenty of space for co-working. The steel cut oats are to die for and their sides are served in eclectic teacups, the wall decor, all donations, yet it fits.

Goodwill strives to be a good steward of everything donated. Their GW Boutique and donation center on site help to fund their Job Resource Center where career coaching is offered for anyone, yes, ANYONE.  Goodwill is known for their stores, but their most important key areas are: job training, job placement and job creation. 

Who knew they have a Goodwill University with a hospitality and tourism training program, construction division (you can hire their team), multiple spaces for skills development? It blew my mind to find out that in 2015, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont provided job training and employment services free of charge to 12,000 individuals and placed 1,500 job seekers in local jobs!! Enderly is a proud partner of Goodwill's Community Table Bistro and aligns with the mission of helping people jump into the job market. So, let others know of the opportunities and when you're in need of Enderly, stop by for breakfast or lunch.

Want to support? 

  1. Stop by for a visit, some coffee, some food, some clothes... 
  2. Pick up a bag of Wilson's World Coffee (a collaboration with WCCB's Wilson's World and Goodwill industries.  A portion of each bag sold goes back to support the efforts of Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont). You can purchase these online or at any of the following locations.  Rhino Market and Deli, Common Market, Joes Doughs, Tip Top Market, and Healthy Home Market in Plaza Midwood.

Joe's Doughs and Hart's Soda Shop Ice Cream

Written By Holly Blackman

Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee with a donut, right? Especially when the donut includes bacon, pecans, you name it!! Joey Pepe thought so, and it only made sense to pair the best donuts in Charlotte with the best coffee. Joey started Joe's Doughs in his kitchen, much like Tony did with Enderly. When I asked Joe's Doughs' Manager Jaclyn Parzygnot why the partnership made sense, she said, "we both know what it's like coming from nothing, building our brand(s) together. We both understand how difficult it is starting from home and we started the same way, have some of the same ideals, want to make the community better, help local businesses and do something we love to do. Plus, he makes damn good coffee."

We couldn't agree more! Joe's Doughs' mission to provide our community with donuts made with only the finest ingredients, frying donuts in small batches every hour, making sure you get only the freshest and most delicious donuts around is something we believe in. They went from a pop up shop for two quick years to brick and mortar at 1721 North Davidson (next to Abari Game Bar), and Enderly is rooted and committed to making sure their donuts are only paired with the best cup of Joe (get it?! :) aka - Enderly.

Grab a Joe's dough to go, maybe on the way into work. Even better, grab a whole box of them because they've now perfected their production line to have enough for the masses who have already started frequenting this local donut hole that just opened this summer. If you bring in your Enderly coffee mug, you get half off a cup of Enderly (just a pro-tip - consider yourself in the know, and find us at Joe's!)

Donut Ice Cream Party Summer 2016 - Two of Charlotte's best sweet spots (Joe's Doughs and Hart's Soda Shop) will offer four specialty donuts and four specialty sundaes combined.  


Sustainable Saturday - You are Invited to The Barn

Written By Holly Blackman

Peruvian coffee caught Leslie Dwyer's eye outside of Healthy Home Market, taking her back to when she studied in Peru, so she decided to stop and talk to Tony. Once she learned more about Enderly's efforts in West Charlotte and found out Enderly Coffee could provide whole bean decaf coffee that is processed without chemicals, needless to say, the partnership was in the bag! She knew she wanted Enderly to be a part of the Sustainable Saturdays she was planning in The Barn, a 1700 square foot building serving as a grassroots version of a community center (a desperate need in Plaza Midwood!)

Pure Pizza owner Juli Ghazi, who earlier this year made national news when a picture of her letter to customers regarding unisex bathrooms went viral, had the vision for Sustainable Saturdays to include local vendors committed to sustainable practices. In steps Leslie, whose background is public finance and small business development, and she's making it happen every Saturday from 9 am - Noon. Sustainability is thrown around as a buzz word, much like organic, but Juli outlines what a comprehensive Sustainable business looks like in her philosophy on the website. Like Pure Pizza, Enderly Coffee is intentional about our business model, aspects from employee treatment, waste, to the types of coffee we import, etc., so it was a natural fit to be a part of the Sustainable Saturday movement with the other following friends. Here's a brief intro:

  • Central Food Hub - Importer of fresh, local produce and honey from all local farms whose practices are sustainable. Did I say local?! Pat Farrell has wonderful relationships with local farmers as she assures organic, sustainable practices are being used on each farm sending delicious strawberries, greens, you name it, to the barn. 

  • The Gateau Baking Company - Check out their Facebook page to see their beautiful, mouthwatering creations! 

  • VivaRaw- Juicer whose website calls them, "The New Milkman”. 

  • Joe's Doughs - They will be making appearances throughout the summer, stay tuned to their social media for their popup schedule.

  • Live Music will be there to entertain.  Leslie is always looking for local musicians who want to break in on the Farmer's Market Music Scene.

  • The Underground Truffle - The neighborhood's favorite chocolatier who handcrafts dark chocolate bars and truffles, infusing some with dried fruits and nuts, and after you check them out, no need to keep them a secret.  They're willing to go "above ground" with it like the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

  • Kids activities are planned every weekend that so far includes Kids yoga - by Kim Bogert of Grow Kids Yoga, Kids Gardening by Bobbie Mabe of Growth Through Gardening and teen entrepreneur training by Janaya Jenkins. Follow Pure Pizza's Facebook page to what's planned for each weekend! (The sack race that broke out in a pile of coffee bean bags donated by Enderly for art and gardening projects wasn't on the calendar.)

...the best part is all of our new friends are even cooler in person, so come meet 'em! Start a new Saturday morning routine, and instead of cartoons and commercialized coffee, head to the barn for a fun way for your kids (fur babies included) to start the day, a sweet treat and produce for the week AND a real cup of coffee from Enderly Coffee because as Juli states on Facebook, "Coffee makes [people] feel like [they] have [their] life together." See ya Saturday!


Love at First Slurp, Freal...

Hey y'all, we sample so many coffees here at the shop.  It's sort of like Christmas... You receive a sample (likely in the mail), heat your water, grind it into the cupping bowl, sniff sniff sniff, pour in the water, wait, sniff, wait, eventually you get to break through the "crust" with your spoon, clean off the grounds and foam, and finally slurp on this coffee with great anticipation.  The amazing thing is that this coffee was likely touched by a number of hands at origin: picked, processed, packaged, shipped, etc. and has traveled halfway around the world to your cup (or bowl in this case).  

I've never been halfway around the world, but daily I get to experience the fruit of the labor done on a different continent than mine.  Mind Blown!  This process described is called "cupping" and is a formal "tasting" procedure us coffee nerds use to see what is in this bean.  

To be honest, 95% of the time when "cupping" I take that long awaited first slurp only to be let down.  Either it tastes just like many other coffees I've tried or there is just nothing that stands out in the slurp.  Well in the case of this Brazil Daterra Villa Borghesi, the first slurp was interrupted (a welcomed interruption) with a unique sweetness followed with an aftertaste of cocoa, sort of like drinking a hot cocoa made with authentic chocolate.  

 I worked on this profile to help pull out a balance of flavors here and am so excited for you to try this in your cup.  Take a taste and let us know what you think.  When you love it, tell your peeps about it.   We always appreciate a good referral.  Share your coffee rituals on our Social Media and as always, #loveyourbeans!

We love you and appreciate everyone of you.  

Tony Santoro

Head Roaster

2015 Highlights, in the books...

#LoveYourBeans #DrinkWithaMission

Grateful for the year we had.  This is just the beginning.  We dreamed of the impact we could make.  We dreamed of our first hire.  We dreamed of having our own space, maybe even our own coffee shop...  


From Tony, Becky, and Marquell...  THANK YOU!

2015 Highlights

  • Provided 194 hrs of employment within from the Enderly Park Neighborhood
  • In partnership with Kinfolk Coffee, helped to provide another 250 hrs of employment with coffee kiosk
  • Distributed just shy of 10,000 lbs of fresh, locally roasted coffee
  • Increased production/revenue over 3x from 2014
  • Added 24 new clients who proudly carry or serve Enderly Coffee
  • Continue to support Project 658 Feeding Project’s efforts
  • Moved into our own roasting facility
  • Tony transitioned to full time

Partner Spotlight: Green with Envy - #PlazaMidwood Gift Stop

At Enderly Coffee we get to work with businesses all across Charlotte. We think our partners are great, so it feels selfish not to introduce them to you, too! Our very first Partner Spotlight is on Green With Envy, a Plaza Midwood boutique where local is the name of the game and “necessary luxuries” aren’t hard to find. 

If you’ve ever driven down Central Avenue, you’ve probably noticed Green With Envy.

Located in the Shoppes at Eleven-Eleven (1111 Central Ave., Suite #200), Green With Envy opened its doors to the Plaza Midwood neighborhood in 2003. Co-Owner Tina Nardoci said she knew from the beginning that the site would be a great fit for the business. 

“It was just an old burned out building at the time, but it was fabulous,” she remarked. “You could see the potential!”

In the 12 years since, Green With Envy, which Nardoci owns alongside her sister, Barbara, has become a neighborhood staple. Today Nardoci’s knack for spotting potential still comes in handy: she helps curate the boutique’s unique selection of merchandise.

Green With Envy carries a wide array of products, from clothing and accessories to home goods and greeting cards. Don’t miss the section for kids in the back! Throughout the store there is an unmistakable Queen City flair - green tags signify which products were created locally.

Thanks for supporting Enderly Coffee, Green With Envy. We’re honored to be a part of the shop!

Get to know Green With Envy Co-Owner Tina Nardoci:

What motivates you to run this business?

It’s the art of it! [Running this business] replaced what I was doing before, which was sculpture. Figuring out where to put stuff, it’s fun. This store is art!

(Nardoci built all of the store’s product displays herself, and the sculptures near the front door of the shop are her work. We laughed about how important it is to lay out merchandise in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way. Her words: “If you can’t see what’s available, you can’t buy it!”)



If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before starting Green With Envy, what would it be?

Take a class! Instead of learning everything the hard way, take a class in it. There is so much to learn, and it’s so much easier when you’ve got somebody who can tell you what to do.


What do you love most about Charlotte?

 I love the way it grows. In the mid-80’s Charlotte was a very gray place. Now it’s very colorful – the buildings, everything. It just exploded. It turned into a great place to live!


If you were given $1,000,000 today, what would you do with it?

 Well, I don’t need a million dollars. You can’t take a million dollars and not help people with it. I’d give it to Hospice and WFAE.


How do you take your coffee?

With cream and sugar, and I like my cream a little shaken. I use cream from a carton, but if you shake it up really hard it’s like whipping it a little bit!


Written By: Ashley Sullivan



"Gifts That Give" Guide - QC Edition

A Local, Generous Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re a supporter of Enderly Coffee’s mission we’re willing to bet that you already place a high value on socially conscious shopping. We think picking gifts with purpose is a terrific way to honor the spirit of the season, so we’d like to shout out a few fellow Queen City businesses committed to turning your dollars into hope for others!

Fashion & Compassion

Fashion & Compassion is a jewelry and craft shop committed to employing women who have escaped trafficking, prostitution, addiction, and other horrific abuses. In addition to offering hope to the women they employ, F&C donates the proceeds of your purchases to 18 other worthy ministries. Do yourself a favor and grab a tissue before watching the short video on F&C’s homepage.

Address: 1717 Cleveland Avenue

Upcycle Life

Upcycle Life is committed to two main ideas: being a powerful force for change in the region’s environmental sustainability and helping those in our local community who are most in need. An interesting bag from Upcycle is sure to start a conversation wherever the owner carries it!

Address: 3646 Central Ave. inside Project 658 Building

Give Fifty One

Give Fifty One began when founder Alexander Greer realized the 10-year-old Charlotte child he was mentoring was homeless and helping to care for his younger siblings. Locally, Give Fifty One partners with organizations already working to help children in need. Globally, they sponsor the costs of education for students who require financial assistance. Check out the unique wristwatches they sell to make these initiatives possible!

King’s Kitchen

The King’s Kitchen restaurant in Uptown donates 100% of its profits to feed the poor in the Charlotte region. Additionally, TKK partners with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center and other area ministries to provide life-skills training and employment assistance to Charlotteans in search of a new beginning. As if that wasn’t enough, TKK’s grits are the best this Southern-raised writer has ever tasted. For your foodie friends, a gift card to TKK is an absolute no-brainer.

Address: 129 W Trade Street

Polka Dot Bake Shop

For your family members or friends who love delicious baked goods, look no further than Polka Dot Bake Shop. In addition to partnering with several local charitable organizations and schools, from now until December 1 Polka Dot will donate 10% of proceeds to the #GIVINGTUESDAYCLT general fund benefiting 108 Charlotte nonprofits. Just print the certificate below and head over to purchase a “sweet” gift card for your loved one!

Address: 1730 E Woodlawn Road

Enderly Coffee Co, of course!

Finally, here at Enderly Coffee we are always proud to offer meaningful gift options to our customers. Bags of coffee make great stocking stuffers, and Enderly mugs help keep chilly winter hands warm. Ohhhh and Tshirts, we have Tshirts, too!  Check out our favorite holiday selections below:

Cheers to a merry and generous holiday season!


Written By: Ashley Sullivan

Saying Thank You...

I saw an advertisement the other day that read, “Only EIGHT Fridays until Christmas!” Talk about effective marketing! I hadn’t even started thinking about the holiday season yet, but now I’m convinced that I absolutely must get my Christmas shopping done before Halloween or prepare to surrender my sanity. That may be a tad dramatic, but eight weeks will probably pass faster than you can text “TGIF” to your co-workers, and I like to be prepared.

Speaking of co-workers and holiday shopping and being prepared, Enderly might be able to take some of the pressure of the upcoming season off your shoulders. If you’re a boss or a manager, we know you don’t want to forget your employees this holiday season.  If you have client relationships you'd like to say "Thank You" to, we know you don't want to forget about them either.  What better way to say “thank you” to the people who work hardest for you all year long than giving them something thoughtful for the holidays?

Enderly is happy to offer corporate gift options that we think your personnel will love. We’ll also work with you to create a holiday coffee label with your company’s logo on it to give the gift a more personalized touch. Who knows, the extra Enderly buzz might even make for a more productive 2016! Win-win.

Don’t get caught surfing the ‘net for last-minute gift options two or three Fridays before Christmas. Give the gift of coffee, and the gift of your sanity, to your employees this year. 

Written by: Ashley Sullivan