YoungLives Coffee

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YoungLives Coffee


Presenting the Great YoungLives Pay It Forward challenge! 


Here’s what you do:


1- Buy a bag of coffee to send to a friend 


2- Text your friend and tag them in the comments (Facebook or Instagram @charlotteyounglives) to let them know delicious coffee is on its way!


3- Friends, if you are tagged to receive coffee, just take a minute to PRAY for the moms who are going to camp because of the coffee sent your way! When you drink your morning coffee, will you please pray? Of course, you’re welcome to “pay it forward” again by tagging a friend and continuing the chain. 


25 bags of coffee purchased fully covers a teen mom and her baby’s trip to YoungLives winter camp! 500 bags will cover the full cost for all 20 moms that we are praying to bring, and will fill 500 friends homes with the smell of coffee on a cold January day! 

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