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In all the right places! It’s Ryan Grammatico’s and James Jones’ lives - hence their roles here at Enderly as Head Roaster and Store Manager/aka Head Barista. Ryan met James when James was in high school through Right Moves for Youth, nearly 6 years later they are still side by side. It is fitting that Enderly is highlighting RMFY as their October Nonprofit of the Month. We have created a custom blend that is branded with this Nonprofit, that can be bought in our shop (2620 Tuckaseegee Rd). 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these bags goes back directly to their organization. It is a win for you, a win for them!

Enderly Coffee is proud to highlight Right Moves for Youth this October because this organization is also about relationship-building, helping youth to find solid footing on productive life paths - one choice after another, leading young adults to graduate and have a plan to make the next right moves. We all know how hard any right move is to make as a teenager and Right Moves for Youth mentors do too; therefore, they help assist teacher-selected students who may need guidance and a bit of nudging to make the next move! Ryan’s role is to lead and mentor leaders within Right Moves for Youth who are pouring into young people’s lives, filling their cups with study skills, connections, good counsel, what have you. James (a former RMFY student) now fills up each of our customers’ cups with a bit of joy and has also spent hundreds of hours pouring into elementary school boys’ lives, helping them with emotional intelligence, how to understand themselves in order to make the next right move.

We hope you’ll join Enderly this October as we help support the work Ryan and James along with other leaders in many high schools are doing through Right Moves for Youth.

Check out our Right Moves for Youth blend in our shop or find out ways you can help support them. Thank you for choosing Enderly and helping us as we fill up cups and lives.

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