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In the world of specialty coffee, the stories behind each cup often go well beyond the beans themselves. One such story is the collaboration between Leiva's Coffee and Enderly Coffee Company. This partnership was not just a business deal; it was a meeting of minds, values, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Below are some photos of Tony’s visit with his daughter to visit Norma and Armando Leivas in Guatemala in 2019.

The story begins in 2014 when Tony’s friend Daniel crossed paths with Mynor (the owner, Geovanni’s, brother) from the Leiva family in Guatemala. Daniel brought Tony some coffee back from a trip to Guatemala, knowing that Tony was dabbling in coffee roasting back in Charlotte, NC. Sparking curiosity, Tony learned more about this family and their values and began wondering if he could bring in the Leivas Coffee green (unroasted) to America to roast for his friends & family. This is where he met Geovanni and the 10 year relationship was on!

What ignited this collaboration was not just a love for exceptional coffee but a shared set of values. Tony was drawn to the Leiva family's commitment to education and their dedication to supporting coffee farmers.

Meet Geovanni and Alana Leiva, the newest generation of leaders behind Leiva’s Coffee.

What sets Leiva's Coffee apart goes beyond the great flavors in every cup. Leiva's Coffee has been an integral part of the coffee community in Guatemala since 1950. Beyond cultivating exceptional coffee beans, the Leiva family has actively contributed to the well-being and development of their local community.

Currently, they oversee the operations of Lan Vwa, a non-profit school that facilitates education for local children. The Leiva family also provides essential amenities like water filters and stoves, prioritizing safety and health for their fellow community members. Their commitment extends to medical assistance, elderly care, and other holistic community development initiatives.

The Leiva family has been an integral part of their community in Guatemala for over 70 years.

One inspiring story emerging from Leiva's commitment to education is the success of a graduate who returned to the coffee village with a nursing degree. She is now giving back to the community, a testament to the positive ripple effect of investing in education and community development.

Looking ahead, Leiva's Coffee is excited about introducing their coffee to new customers and expanding their business. This expansion not only creates more employment opportunities at the coffee farm but also contributes to the growth and prosperity of the Leiva’s community in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Just like Enderly, Leiva’s Coffee is a family business. Every decision is made with care to provide support for employees, the local community and the coffee community, at large.

When asked what message they hope people take away after drinking a cup of Leiva’s coffee, Geovanni and Alana Leiva replied, “We aspire for people to recognize that coffee presents numerous opportunities for positive impact, and they possess the purchasing influence to empower farmers. By making intentional choices with their buying power, individuals can play a pivotal role in creating positive opportunities within the coffee industry.”

Enderly Coffee’s Guatemala Finca de Leiva’s, one of our most popular bags!

The intentional efforts of Tony and the Enderly team have made a significant difference for coffee farmers in Guatemala. Leiva's is proud to contribute to Enderly's initiative, playing a part in crafting delicious beverages for the Charlotte community.

As you savor your cup of Guatemala Finca de Leivas, may you not only enjoy the exquisite taste but also reflect on the incredible journey and positive impact that each sip represents.

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