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When we Fostered, we weekly did family visitations in the Bob Walton Plaza. We took the aged elevator up to a 3 chair waiting room, to then have our foster child escorted to a 9 x 9 office with a white walls, fluorescent lights, and a few toys on the ground. Though the visitations were extremely important, they lacked one thing… Dignity.

The Connection Cottage provides a home-like environment for foster family visitations

Since 2018 Foster Village Charlotte has been bringing Dignity to visitations. Their Connection Cottage located on Monroe Rd has become a regularly used spot by those affected by foster care.

  • There are children visiting with their family in a homelike environment, playing in the backyard playground, baking cookies or meals in the kitchen, getting sweaty in the sensory play studio…

  • Siblings who have been split into separate homes are brought back together for a sibling meetup with all the fun activities mentioned above.

  • Foster Children have a homelike environment for their birthday party, filled with presents, play, laughter, and cake.

Consider Donating to our Fundraiser Page below, as a part of our November Foster The Movement 2023 campaign supporting Foster Village Charlotte.

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