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At Enderly People come first. One of the ways we live this out is to source our coffee ethically and make sure there is transparency along the way. We also like to know that all of the people are getting their fair share. We do say “People First. Coffee Always”. In 2019 we (Enderly) committed to purchasing their entire washed crop of coffee beans from Finca el Conejo (whom we will tell you all about below), all 60 bags. As a backyard-grown, bootstrapped coffee roasting company… THIS. IS. A. BIG. DEAL. To the Banega Family… THIS. IS. A. BIG. DEAL.

By committing to purchase their entire washed crop through De La Finca, these two young farmers have guaranteed revenue for the year, which helps provide sustainability for them and their farm.

For 2020 we increased our commitment and are purchasing 96 bags of their coffee, again purchasing their entire washed crop (Notice the number of bags increased? That is partially due to the sustainable investment Enderly is making in THIS farm)! We are happy to support these entrepreneurs and will be continuing our conversations about future crops in years to come. We are also very excited to help Nelson, the founder of De La Finca Coffee Importers, live out his vision as well!

An importer’s story

Now let me introduce you to De La Finca Coffee Importers, owned by Nelson Raul Amador. As a fifth-generation coffee farmer from Honduras, Nelson understands the needs of both the coffee farmer and the coffee roaster. When he came to the United States to learn English, he was surprised to see how coffee connected so many people to each other in their daily lives.

Nelson quickly realized that, while coffee was sold at high prices in the U.S., the import system was complex. Coffee can pass through as many as 6-8 hands by the time it gets to the consumers. This leaves very little profit for the coffee farmers themselves. Knowing things could change for the better, he started De La Finca Coffee Importers in 2013 to support his family and other small coffee producers from Honduras. Thus eliminating the middlemen and making direct connections between coffee roasters, consumers and producers, like his family.

Today, through Nelson’s company, producers receive more money for their coffee and roasters receive ethically sourced, high-quality coffee. Nelson’s vision for sustainable and independent communities is coming to life, not only by empowering farmers but by reinvesting in the coffee-growing communities through long-term school projects and partnering with women-owned and operated farms.


So through De La Finca Coffee Importers, Raul connected us with one of his farms named Finca El Conejo owned by Joel and Delmer, two cousins who decided to carry on their family tradition and grow coffee. They are also cousins of Nelson and fifth-generation coffee farmers.

The two were given a plot of land by Joel’s father (Joel Banegs Sr, owner of Finca Mira Flores farm) to start their own coffee farm. Being young entrepreneurs, they joined forces and split up the responsibilities of their new farm, Finca El Conejo. While Delmer maintained the land and workers, Joel went to college to study agricultural engineering, specializing in coffee. This is their third year of producing coffee for De La Finca Coffee.

Today, they run one of the few experimental coffee farms in the Comayagua region. The coffee in the Comayagua region is known for its regional flavor profile that combines citrus and sweet notes with a bold, creamy body.

Order online or stop by the store to buy a bag!

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