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At Enderly Coffee, we believe in the power of coffee to fuel not just our mornings but also the passion and dedication of educators. Founded by two former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Title I teachers, our company understands the vital role that simple displays of compassion can play in supporting our hardworking educators.

In an effort to give back to our community, we're excited to introduce the Enderly Coffee Overstock Bags Program.

Support local educators by participating in Enderly Coffee’s Overstock Bags Program!


We find ourselves with a bit of a predicament: We’ve got too much coffee! Because of this unexpected surplus, we've decided to turn it into an opportunity to support Title I educators in CMS. Can you imagine being a teacher and suddenly receiving a free bag of coffee? We know you want to be a part of making someone’s day like that! Here's how you can join us in making a positive impact:

  • Buy a Case for $45:

  • Purchase a case of 6 coffee bags for $45 on our website. *Choose Title I school from the drop-down menu on our website (there’s even a little place for you to add a note to say hi to them!)

  • We'll deliver the case directly to the Title I school you select ensuring that educators at this school can enjoy the rich flavor of Enderly Coffee.

  • We will also donate 40% of the proceeds back to the school's PTA, supporting additional resources and activities for the students.

  • Nominate a School:

  • If you don't see a specific Title I school listed, or if there's a school you're passionate about supporting, you can email

  • We'll work with you to set up a delivery to the nominated school, ensuring that no educator is left without the boost they deserve.

  • Please note, if a school is outside of CMS, additional shipping fees may apply.

Enderly Coffee's Overstock Bags Program is more than just a way to clear our shelves – it's a meaningful initiative to give back to our local educators who are shaping the future for kids in our area.

By participating in this program, you get to contribute to the well-being of teachers and the educational community by sending them something almost everyone can agree is an excellent way to lift spirits – delicious local, speciality coffee! Let's come together and make a positive impact, one cup at a time. Join us in supporting CMS Title I educators today!

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