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Written by: Holly Blackman

Just recently I listened to the QC Family Tree’s podcast where community leader, Helms Jarrell, states that “in modernity, mobility trumps roots” - we move more than put down roots, but not the QC Family Tree. They are planted in West Charlotte - loving and growing together in West Charlotte for the past 10 + years as a neighborhood-based community development and discipleship group. They are partners and friends with Tony & Becky, and of course, Enderly fans, as we’ve been a part of their family and them our’s.

Helms also states “that placelessness is the primary source of alienation.” Enter Enderly - it’s your place - we’re rooted in West Charlotte and we’re your “Perks”. Come by and support QC Family Tree when purchasing a QC Family Tree blend this month or ask us about how to volunteer or support QC Family Tree’s community-building work year-round.

QC Family Tree works to embody an alternative, a way of life that is centered, whole, and founded on love.  We who call ourselves QC Family Tree seek to be kinfolk rooted in discipleship in West Charlotte.

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