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Written By Holly Blackman

We are committed to finding beans you'll love, beans you'll feel proud to buy and share!

Therefore, meet one of our new favorites - a full-bodied Peruvian bean with a chocolate/cherry flare. This region produces mostly SHG (Strictly High Grown) and is known for its quality.

To decipher all of this coffee talk, you could become a coffee "sommelier" like the winos, or you could take it from us - we cup all of our roasts.* If you're not familiar with cupping, this is comparable to wafting the undertones of your coffee, (like swirling your glass of wine), closing your eyes and savoring every taste, deciphering the influences and undertones in the beans you've chosen.*

Our Peruvian beans comes from a single farm - named for its flora and fruit that grow right alongside the bean - La Flor del Zapote. It's located at some of the highest growing elevation in the "Amazon Andes", the Peruvian jungle, and is grown by Rony Lavan Guerrero and his family of 8. 

This is not their first growing season; they are part of a 40 year history of growing these beans, and you may not be able to taste it (luckily) but a whole lot of sweat goes into the art of growing their modest yield of 200 -250 qq per year. After the organically fertilized berries are picked (these cherries are where we get the beans you know and love), they are transported to the mill. processed, and then directly traded to the US by Farm to Roast, a company committed to ensuring the farm families get the profit they deserve for their hard work. As you probably know, there are plenty of others waiting to dip their hands into the pockets of the farmers, but we don't stand for that.

We look for directly and fairly traded beans. This desire helps the Guerrero family make the most for their crop. The Guerrero's commitment to quality, family and direct trade is why we're bringing this bean to you! So, purchase this bean for long walks on the beach, long, lingering, lazy mornings or just a jaunt to the office - La Flor del Zapote is up for it all! 

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