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Hey y'all, we sample so many coffees here at the shop.  It's sort of like Christmas... You receive a sample (likely in the mail), heat your water, grind it into the cupping bowl, sniff sniff sniff, pour in the water, wait, sniff, wait, eventually you get to break through the "crust" with your spoon, clean off the grounds and foam, and finally slurp on this coffee with great anticipation.  The amazing thing is that this coffee was likely touched by a number of hands at origin: picked, processed, packaged, shipped, etc. and has traveled halfway around the world to your cup (or bowl in this case).  

I've never been halfway around the world, but daily I get to experience the fruit of the labor done on a different continent than mine.  Mind Blown!  This process described is called "cupping" and is a formal "tasting" procedure us coffee nerds use to see what is in this bean.  

To be honest, 95% of the time when "cupping" I take that long awaited first slurp only to be let down.  Either it tastes just like many other coffees I've tried or there is just nothing that stands out in the slurp.  Well in the case of this Brazil Daterra Villa Borghesi, the first slurp was interrupted (a welcomed interruption) with a unique sweetness followed with an aftertaste of cocoa, sort of like drinking a hot cocoa made with authentic chocolate.  

 I worked on this profile to help pull out a balance of flavors here and am so excited for you to try this in your cup.  Take a taste and let us know what you think.  When you love it, tell your peeps about it.   We always appreciate a good referral.  Share your coffee rituals on our Social Media and as always, #loveyourbeans!

We love you and appreciate everyone of you.  

Tony Santoro

Head Roaster

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