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Last year, Enderly released our first collaboration with SnapchillTM Coffee & Unblended Coffee, two organizations dedicated to pushing the limits in order to bring transparency, equity and quality to the coffee industry.

It was such a success, we decided to do it again. This year, we are highlighting a new coffee producer and we couldn’t be more thrilled for our Snapchill™ Can release in early April!

ABOUT THE COFFEE PRODUCER Sebastian Ramirez is a mentor for a program that partners with Unblended Coffee in Colombia called UVI. This program helps young producers enter the coffee industry with the experience necessary to scale their farms and produce consistently high quality coffee.

Sebastian Ramirez, Colombian coffee producer with Unblended Coffee

Sebastian’s farm, Finca El Placer, is located in the hills of Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia; about 200 miles west of Bogatá. He has a special skill set in scaling experimental processes like Carbonic Maceration (fermentation of the coffee beans in steel drums) and is considered a “heavy-weight” in the Specialty Coffee space.

Once Sebastian’s coffee is harvested, it is sent to us for roasting. From there, we send it up to our friends at SnapchillTM Coffee to make some brewing magic!

ABOUT THE SNAPCHILL™ BREWING PROCESS We are so excited to be working with Snapchill™ to brew the coffee we’re roasting from Sebastian – the perfect brewing process for an experimental producer. If you haven’t heard of Snapchill™ before, get ready to have your mind blown!

This process is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Brewed hot and then “snap” chilled at 38 degrees, snapchilling prevents oxidation and that flat taste you may experience with other cold-brew methods.

Snapchill™ cans are an innovative way to brew coffee that maintains the complex flavor profiles we all know and love!

Interestingly enough, there hasn’t been much innovation in the coffee brewing process in over 100 years! So, when Snapchill™ came onto the scene it did so with a very simple question in mind: “Why does cold-brew coffee taste so bland, and how do we fix it?” The Snapchill™ Process includes exact chemistry, complicated math equations and a big dose of experimentation – a truly innovative approach to the science of brewing coffee! The result is an aromatic, complex and robust cup of coffee, chilled and straight from a can. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with these two incredible, innovative organizations – from bean to cup. Don’t wait to grab your Snapchill™ cans. These cans are only a limited release and will most likely be gone by end of summer! Grab yours in our cafe, at the Uptown Farmers Market, or through our Friday Home Delivery service.

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