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Greg and Helms Jarrell have lived in Enderly Park since 2005.  They are leaders in the Hyaets Community, a neighborhood ministry whose main goal is to be "good neighbors" to our neighbors.  These fine folks, along with perhaps a hundred volunteers throughout the year, meet many needs of the people of our community.  In particular, the Hyaets Community takes a special interest in pouring into the youth.  They know that making a change in children's lives will have great impact on not only their lives and the lives of their parents, but for generations to come.   

How to be a "Good Neighbor" 

-Community Meals on the first and third Fridays (All are invited, even YOU) 

-Weekly Youth Groups in the Hyaets Clubhouse

-Enderly Park Youth Retreats

-Freedom School over the summer (to educate kids and keep them occupied) 

-Pouring into Ashley Park School and other neighborhood schools (Tutoring, mentoring, teacher appreciation)

-Enderly Park Adult Empowerment Team, helping with food scarcity in Enderly Park


Feel good knowing that with every purchase of Enderly Coffee, a portion is given directly back to our neighbors through the Hyaets Community. Great Coffee helping Great People to do Great Things...Sounds Great to me!


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