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This summer, we took on one of our biggest projects yet: moving into a new roastery! So I thought it would be fun to sit down with our very own Alyssa Wise to learn just how important this move is for Enderly – and what doors it will open up for us!

Enderly Coffee’s very own Alyssa Wise!

Here’s what Alyssa shared:

Why did Enderly decide to find a new roasting location?

We decided to move into a new roasting location because of growth. Things were getting cramped in the old space and keeping up with the demand of wholesale orders meant looking for a new place to call home.

What made this location the right fit for Enderly?

We were in need of square footage and a loading dock to provide us with more room to grow and accommodate our larger wholesale accounts that require pallet pickup. This new space had exactly what we needed!

Old Roastery of only 1000 sqft on Rozzelles Ferry Rd on Move Out Day :(
Enderly Coffee now has a new roasting facility of 3000 sqft! :)

How much bigger is this new location vs. the old roasting facility?

Our new location is about 2,000 sqft bigger than our last space.

How much more coffee can you process now that you have this new facility?

In our new space with a new roaster, we can process more than double the coffee we could process at our old facility. Our old roaster roast about 13-15 pounds at a time where our new roaster can roast about 30-35 pounds.

Enderly Coffee got a New Coffee Roaster!

With that we are able to cut our roasting time in half, allowing us to store more roasted coffee, produce more for larger purchase orders faster, and provide better turn around times for larger purchase orders. We are also able to have a backstock due to an increase in space, to have bulk coffee orders ready to go out ASAP.

Now that you have a new space, what is possible for Enderly?

With our new space we have endless possibilities. We can widen our reach in Charlotte and surrounding areas, but most importantly deepen our relationships in our communities. We exist to keep people first and drink a consistently good cup of coffee with our neighbors, family, and friends.

Are there any new products/services/activities that we can expect from Enderly as a result of this move?

Enderly’s coffee collaboration with Petty Thieves and Doc Porter’s

We’ve been able to dream up new products, like our limited edition Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee collaboration with Petty Thieves Brewery and Doc Porter's Distillery. We also have a few new products releasing this holiday season that you haven’t seen from us before. We’re excited to plan events in our new space as well.

Maybe a roastery tour/coffee tasting class or Yoga at the Roastery?

Who knows but we’re excited to get the community in our new space and get out new products and offer better services to our clients and community.

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite part about working at Enderly? :)

My favorite part, apart from always having good coffee lol would have to be the community and the support system I have around me. I love that I’ve been able to meet some amazing people in the industry but also to learn from one the best in our city is truly a privilege that I do not take for granted. Enderly has easily become family and enriched my life more than I ever expected.

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