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There’s a new farmers market in town, and we’re excited to be pouring there. Especially since we haven’t fully opened our doors just yet (though we’re staying busy with those free Friday deliveries and carry out).

The Uptown Farmers Market is open every Saturday through December at 300 S. Davidson St., in the 4.5-acre front parking lot of First Baptist Charlotte, from 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Which is prime coffee time, if you ask us.

Parking is easy. Do that – then stop by our booth for cups of hot coffee, cold brew, bags of coffee, branded mugs and hats, and suckers for the kids. Not to mention hand sanitizer, face masks, smiles and kind words from our newest teammate, Alyssa.

“Farmers markets have always been such a hub for entrepreneurship and small business,” said our owner, Tony Santoro. “We’ve participated in a few in the past and absolutely love the personal experience these markets foster.” The Uptown Farmers Market acts as a “community table,” serving up local vegetables and fruits, meat, poultry and fish, flowers and plants, and, of course, artisan foods and drinks, and bakery items.

We also love rituals, like sipping coffee in the morning and wandering through farmers markets on the weekend. We’ll bring the cup of coffee and, just in case loading up on a bag of beans is a weekly ritual for you, we’ll bring that, too.

Coffee in hand, don’t forget to browse our other vendor friends, like The Pauline Tea-Bar Apothecary (check out their soy candles), SumBucha (for your kombucha cravings) and Verdant Bread (try a loaf).

“It’s encouraging to be alongside others who are doing the small business grind,” Santoro said. “Small business is lonely. It’s hard. Being able to set up and walk around to others who understand it is therapy. The camaraderie is therapy. Sometimes just knowing that others are going through the grind is enough to encourage you to keep pushing.”

Plus, he loves the market for its openness – it’s easy to bring his four kids. Especially with the market’s current social distancing guidelines enforced.

As for the future? We’ll keep pouring here. And in Phase III, The Uptown Farmers Market organizers expect to incorporate music, children’s activities, cooking demonstrations, food trucks, and tables and chairs for hanging out.

See you on Saturday.

-Enderly Coffee Company

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