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Say what's up to Anchor Coffee from the Key City, N. Wilkesboro, NC! We are welcoming Anchor Coffee to Enderly to do a take over this Saturday (2/29)! What does that mean? You will not be drinking OUR coffee, but all Anchor Coffee. These guys do some really great work roasting their beans and we are confident you will enjoy!

Here's a little bit about our friends from Anchor Coffee.

The name Anchor coffee comes from their desire to be anchor for whatever communities they find themselves planted in, Community is such a huge part of who we are as well, so we are really encouraged by that.

The coffee they are bringing in on Saturday is a washed Colombia Sumapaz, in which you can expect to some brown sugar and green apple notes, really excited to have you come in and enjoy this!

Greg has a solid palate for coffee… but also for music. His taste ranges from Hillsong all the way to an underground rapper Mick Jenkins, so feel free to pick his brain about music or about east Tennessee roots and how he landed in N. Wilkesboro. “ I'M REALLY EXCITED TO HANG OUT WITH Y’ALL, HAHA”

-GREG FROM ANCHOR COFFEE” See y’all Saturday!

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