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The great philosopher Jerry Seinfeld once said, “coffee solves all our problems in one delightful little cup.” Expecting one mug of coffee to solve all of humanity’s problems may be a stretch, but here at Enderly we do believe there is significant power in a good cup of joe. For those who are truly after the most “delightful little cup” imaginable, we we’d like to introduce you to one simple trick for brewing better coffee: at-home grinding.

Buying pre-ground coffee might be efficient, but did you know that coffee beans start losing some of their essential goodness almost immediately after they’re crushed? Within 20-30 minutes of grinding, the delicious magic stored within each bean begins to disappear. If a stale cup of coffee in the morning sounds like something that would really grind your nerves (pun intended), then you may want to consider investing in a simple coffee grinder.


Chop grinders (or blade grinders, as you’ll also find them called) are the most basic grinders and are certainly a step up from pre-ground coffee options. As the blades move, these grinders chop coffee beans up. One downfall: chop grinders can be inconsistent. Your grind probably won’t be uniform and you may even find a whole bean or two in each batch. However, chop grinders are the most inexpensive home-grind option and may be a good choice if you’re a novice.



If you’re interested in something more sophisticated than the chop grinder, the burr grinder might be a better choice. A step up from chop grinders, burr grinders crush coffee beans instead of chopping them, so you won’t end up with chunks or full beans in your batch. Burrs also offer different grind settings, giving you the ability to select the grind appropriate for the type of drink you’re planning to make (i.e. – a finer grind for espresso or a courser grind for the French Press). 

If you’re ready to dip your toe into the coffee-grinding world, here are some of our picks for at-home grinders:

And if you’re not convinced, no judgment (well not much judgement). We know that a pre-ground cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all!



Written by: Ashley Sullivan

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