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What does “Ethical Trading” look like in coffee?

Balzac Brothers has been building their relationships with producers for a century now, focusing on sustainability and quality of life. Sounds like a perfect partner with Enderly as we just try to make our little world a better place. Feel good knowing that much of the coffee we buy is through this group.

Fun story… When Tony was heading to Guatemala to visit with the Leivas Family (one of our direct relationship farmers we’ve been supporting for about 6 years now) he reached out to Ricky (in the video) from Balzac to see if we could also line up a trip to Finca Medina. Finca Medina is a BEAUTIFUL and SUSTAINABLE coffee farm right in Antigua, Guatemala. This was Ricky’s response.

The connection was quick and real. The farm cherished the Balzac Brothers Company. But getting to see it first hand, seeing the sustainable practices, both on the environment and for its people, was amazing. It made us proud to work with the Balzac Brothers Company.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Tony Santoro

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