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We love coffee and we love West Charlotte.  That is where our story begins.  My wife and I moved to Enderly Park in 2007, understanding the challenges and benefits of moving to an area such as this.  We quickly fell in love with our neighborhood and neighbors, confirming that we made the right choice.  

We soon found out about a wonderful ministry that was located 2 blocks from home, where a few couples choose to live here in Enderly Park ministering to their neighbors. Check them out at  They truly do amazing things, focusing on personal development, the youth, and educational support.

My wife and I are both teachers full time in CMS.  We go to Watershed Church.  We met, dated, and fell in love over coffee.  Naturally, we have dreamed of owning a community focused coffee shop/center right here in Enderly Park.  Being teachers, money is not abundant and I soon realized that the financial challenges would be great and the risk of starting a coffee shop would far outweigh the short term reward.

This is around the time I began roasting coffee.  It began as a hobby of sort, learning as I went, and grew quickly into a passion.  My friends and family loved the coffee.  I felt led to startup a company that joins my coffee passion and my heart for my neighbors, and there Enderly Coffee was born.  We buy our coffee Direct-Trade (which is better than Fair-Trade in many people’s opinion) from a farmer in Guatemala who we have connected with through our church’s international missions. 

I hope you are able to support what we are doing here in Charlotte.  I would ask for you to share our story with friends and family as you feel inclined.  Buy some coffee and share it with some friends.  We know that we are making a difference and invite all who are interested into this journey.  Once again, thanks for your interest and support. 

Tony & Becky

Credit Arising Images and Proof I did have hair

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