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Written By: Tony Santoro

As you likely know by now, Foster Village Charlotte is an organization that is near and dear to us at Enderly and we do anything we can to support their meaningful work in our region. All year long you can support by snagging a bag of the Foster Village Blend, where the proceeds go directly to supporting Caregivers in the Foster System in Mecklenburg County and beyond.

Well each November, Enderly joins Foster Village Charlotte to help with their annual fundraiser #FosterTheMovement, where we spend the month raising money on their behalf to help them so they can continue serving our community.

We spent the month inviting you (the Enderly Village) to fundraise, share, and donate. We (The Enderly Company team) set an initial goal of $2000 and ended up the month with $2650! The broader Enderly Team (including others fundraising on our behalf) brought in a whopping $14,415 towards their $60k goal!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!

I am so touched to see the way the Enderly Village has shown up to help support Foster Village Charlotte. Their work is very personal and so meaningful for so many in our community. I wanted to thank each and every one of you who fundraised, shared, or donated. We hope it was a positive experience for you and we know that Foster Village is better off because of you.

Check out these stats below from the #FosterTheMovement fundraiser this past November.

Much Love,

Tony Santoro

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