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What if putting in a coffee order for a free Friday delivery could help a local business create a new job? At Enderly Coffee Co., we’ve actually been so busy with our new free Friday delivery program since the pandemic started affecting the Charlotte area that we’re hoping to eventually be able to hire someone just to run it.

Because that’s what we’re about – helping create jobs for those who need them, while forging meaningful relationships across the city. All while keeping everyone stocked on beautiful coffee beans with contactless delivery, of course.

So what do you have to do?

Place any orders (Need some Local Hello Honey? A 4-pack box of Pepperbox Donuts? An economical 5-pound bag of beans? Enderly Hat, Coffee Mugs, Tee Shirt?) by 1 p.m. on a Thursday to get your items dropped off at your front door that same Friday at no extra cost. Simply hit the $20 minimum, make sure you live in our designated delivery bubble (it’s quite large) and it’s yours. Browse all available items here.

Without much in-store traffic for the past couple of months, plus a slowdown in wholesale orders, we’ve been so grateful for those of you who have helped fill that gap of lost income just by filling out Friday orders. We are grateful for those who bought for their home, a friend’s home, a neighbor’s home, coworker’s home, or family member’s home. (They make great gifts)

We’ve even had to hire another staff member, give more hours to existing staff members and invite volunteer and paid drivers into the mix just to complete all of our orders and deliveries. (To the drivers who need to escape their houses for a few hours on Fridays to feel normal again and do it all for free – we love you, and you’re welcome.)

Our Friday deliveries started on a whim. We were working with Whisk + Wood bakery and thought it would be a sweet gesture to drop scones and coffees off at our customers’ doorsteps. So, one Friday morning, we did just that. And we decided to keep offering that option. Last month alone, we provided 372 porch deliveries across Mecklenburg County, from Pineville to Huntersville.

Thanks to all of you coffee lovers for keeping our business going. We couldn’t do it without you – and we’ll be at your door on Friday.

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