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Image courtesy of Oxfam

When I first laid eyes on this infographic, I was overwhelmed! Really, I am. I'm baffled how we got here from many of our ancestors working on or owning farmland, growing their own food to inevitably supporting these national corporations with almost every purchase.

Dumbfounded. It just made me examine where my money is going - where my mouth is or to the Big 10? I talk local, but am I supporting those sticking their necks out and creating their own brand when maybe large brand product is cheaper? What is worth it? Keeping a few extra dollars or investing in a quality, local brand where I can help support those in the community who are pouring back into the lives of other Charlotteans, our city, and our economy?  I get it, it is a tough juggle.  But is it powerful to be aware of our own ability and impact.

Shopping local makes me proud to buy.  It is not just trendy. I am a proud local shopper.  There is a feeling I get when I load up on produce from The Mecklenburg County Market rather than the local chain grocer.  When I shop local I am not only supporting local businesses, but I am giving others a chance for job opportunity and growth, allowing these businesses to pay taxes, supporting the creation of something valuable and unique for our city, and simply making our city a better place to live.

Can't wait until the shop opens and you can come shop local with us. See you there!

Here is a list of local businesses who choose to buy our product.  Consider stopping by these spots and keep some more dollars in our Charlotte economy.   

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