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We have been selling 5 lb bags for quite some time now, but since everything else has been turned on its head this season we have done some work to switch things up in Enderly as well (but with good reason). For customers in our cafe and on our website, we will now offer 4 lbs bags instead of 5lb bags for you to purchase!

What the What!?!?! Let us elaborate.

We are constantly analyzing what we do, with the goals of making YOU smile (as well as creating sustainability in our business). We believe this is a win win for all of us.

Here are some reasons behind this move and why it makes our world’s a better place.

  1. Inflation… we are all looking for ways to tighten things up these days (our business included). More people are buying in bulk through our cafe & website than ever before. Some are buying for their homes, some for their offices. Buying in bulk seems to make the most sense if you are looking to continue enjoying specialty coffee, but want to be financially smart about it. Just make sure we are storing the coffee properly (room temperature & as airtight as possible) and your beans should be delicious if enjoyed within a month of roasting.

  2. One 4 lb bag (rather than 4 or 5 x 12oz bags) is less packaging, less stickers, less labor, and thus less cost. It keeps our costs down to help us keep your cost down.

  3. We heard it ALL the time that “5 lbs of coffee is just SOOO much coffee.” After talking to many, many customers we heard that 4 lbs felt like an ideal amount of coffee for a month.

  4. People LOVE deals, so we are excited to share that every 4 lb bag purchased on our website automatically qualifies for free shipping. You also may know this, but if you live within the I-485 loop here in Charlotte Mecklenburg you also qualify for FREE home delivery every Friday as part of our #FridayHomeDelivery Program. You hit the $25 minimum with the purchase of a 4 lb bag (You can also add on baked goods or other goodies, check out who we are partnering with this week!).

No matter how you buy Enderly (or any other small, local coffee roaster even), we love that you are choosing to pour your money into the local economy. It is an intentional decision that tangibly makes our world a better place.

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