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The Charlotte Coffee Box

This is a joint project between 3 Charlotte Coffee Roasters. 3 very different companies, all striving to add value to our Queen City. Enderly Coffee Company. Nightflyer Roastworks. Pure Intentions Coffee. As wholesale coffee roasters, we rely on businesses being open, buying and brewing our coffee. That means shops, restaurants, offices, apartments, churches, and more. In mid-March when our customers were no longer allowed to be open, we watched as our normally predictable revenue dropped overnight. That is the revenue we use to pay our rent, our employees, our taxes. We each began crunching numbers, running forecasts, analyzing cashflow, seeing how long we could handle a shut down. We each were forced to pivot. What can we do to get through this time? To sustain long enough for things to open back up? We turned our cafes into basic grocery markets, became e-commerce companies, transitioned our education classes online for the first time, offered home deliveries to doorsteps for coffee, cold brew, t-shirts, and donuts. Whatever it takes to get us through. Well we are here Charlotte! We are still here, for you. Introducing a joint project highlighting the strength and creativity of small business. What can happen when we each put a bag of our beans in a box? Three bags, three companies, one box. An invitation for you to support 3 small businesses with one purchase: The Charlotte Coffee Box.

We are locking arms to say: "People understand the importance that supporting small business keeps us going. It is us standing up saying, ‘We are still here. We still value your support and we want to give you something to shows that we are working together.’” - Matt Yarmey, Pure Intentions Coffee “In this time, really good things can come out of this. We’re here to support each other, the city is here to support us, and we can really shine through this.” - Tony Santoro, Enderly Coffee “It allows people to support the local economy and three distinct businesses and at the same time, and have fun at home brewing coffee.” - Paul Waggoner, Nightflyer Roastworks

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