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July’s Non-Profit of the Month: Thompson Child & Family Focus

Founder’s Tony & Becky Santoro have spent their lives investing in youth. Whether teaching in Title I schools, or opening up their home to Foster Children, or just building community with the neighborhood kids, our youth are our future and our youth deserve love and caring villages. That is why we are partnering with Thompson Child & Family Focus for July’s Nonprofit of The Month! 100% of all proceeds of each Thompson Bag sale goes directly back to the work they are doing in our region!

There are over 89,000 children under the age of 18 living in poverty and below the basic living standard in Mecklenburg County. Poverty contributes to a host of challenges and can inhibit a child’s ability to learn and achieve--which opens the door to emotional and developmental problems. Our nation—our city’s children are in crisis and doing somethingis not enough. It’s time to do more and time to do differently.

Thompson Child & Family Focus is a leader in addressing economic mobility through early childhood development, family stability, and mental healthacross the Carolinas, and as a solutions-driven organization we are committed to disrupting the statistics and re-writing the narrative for those kids at the highest level of risk.

Thompson does this by providing comprehensive, evidence-based education, trauma-informed care, and professional mentoring for children (ages 0-18) at multiple locations throughout Charlotte. We continuously seek to develop new partnerships and strengthen existing alliances dedicated to solving real-world problems aimed at disrupting the cycle of generational poverty. Our staff is passionate, caring, highly-skilled, and lean in every day to respond meaningfully and effectively to the needs of children, families, and communities in today’s demanding and ever-changing world.. We are proud to blaze the pathway to improving the emotional and mental health of youth and creating new lines of sight for their futures.

Helping children and families transform their lives is no simple matter. It takes a daily commitment, compassion and understanding of both the fragilities and remarkable resilience of people. And, just as no person is an island, no individual or family need ever be truly alone.

However, we can’t do it without you! Your purchase today of one or more bags of Enderly Coffee will allow us to #DoMore. Join our village and contribute to our mission of transforming lives:

In partnership with Thompson Child & Family Focus, proceeds from this bag will go to the advancement of Thompson’s innovative programs in mental health, family stability, and early childhood development. Thompson is proud to be Charlotte’s champion for children and family empowerment, transforming the narrative of our children and families through the healing power of relationships.

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