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Written By: Drea Macias

Some of you may have already picked up a 6-pack of our seasonal Sweater Weather blend in its Snapchill canned version. Others got a taste of our Ethiopian origin beans as Snapchill canned coffee this summer.

Now, we’re happy to give you a formal introduction to Snapchill Canned Coffee and the people behind it, Elemental Beverage Company. We were able to get in touch with their incredible team to provide you with this sneak peek into their world. Here’s what they had to say:

Can you share a brief history of Elemental?

Elemental was co-founded by MIT graduate Dave Dussault, who had a love of fresh, hot coffee and tea, but recognized that his favorite beverages lost their luster when made cold, due to dilution or oxidation. Proving that necessity is the mother of invention, our team of flavor and thermodynamics-obsessed engineers leveraged the fundamental laws of physics to make hot-brewed coffee cold without changing anything but the temperature.

What is Snapchill™?

Elemental's Snapchill Process allows us to brew coffee hot and then rapidly chill in an instant, to preserve all the freshness, flavor, and aroma of freshly brewed coffee in an icy cold format.

How is it different from Cold Brew?

There are nearly a thousand aromatics in coffee that are only extracted using heat. The cold brew process simply does not extract all the flavor from the beans, which is why it yields a flat, generic set of flavors. Not bad, but limited. The beauty of coffee lies in its vast variety: the terroir and climate of the source, the careful art and science of roasting, can yield such different flavor profiles, which are all sacrificed by cold brewing.

Snapchilling changes the game, through the process of brewing hot and rapidly cooling the beverage, to capture, preserve and enhance every note, distinction and flavor of coffee. Elemental’s Snapchill Technology, combined with proprietary cold coffee production expertise, vastly improves the taste of any coffee – without ice, dilution or chemicals – and enables a perfectly prepared cold can of coffee each and every time.

What should customers expect in the can?

Customers should expect all of the freshness, flavor, and aroma of their favorite roaster's hot pour-over in a ready-to-drink cold can!

With this brief look into who these people are and what Snapchill Canned Coffee is doing to change the coffee world, you can understand why we’re such fans of theirs. That along with the fact that they’re helping us present you Enderly Coffee in a new light.

3 Ways to Get SnapChill

  1. Stop by our café to pick up a 6-pack

  2. Add it to your online order for shipping

  3. Add it to your Friday Delivery order and we will put it on your porch

Crack open a can of Sweater Weather and Cheers to their innovation and a new way to enjoy coffee!

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