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Written By Holly Blackman

Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee with a donut, right? Especially when the donut includes bacon, pecans, you name it!! Joey Pepe thought so, and it only made sense to pair the best donuts in Charlotte with the best coffee. Joey started Joe's Doughs in his kitchen, much like Tony did with Enderly. When I asked Joe's Doughs' Manager Jaclyn Parzygnot why the partnership made sense, she said, "we both know what it's like coming from nothing, building our brand(s) together. We both understand how difficult it is starting from home and we started the same way, have some of the same ideals, want to make the community better, help local businesses and do something we love to do. Plus, he makes damn good coffee."

We couldn't agree more! Joe's Doughs' mission to provide our community with donuts made with only the finest ingredients, frying donuts in small batches every hour, making sure you get only the freshest and most delicious donuts around is something we believe in. They went from a pop up shop for two quick years to brick and mortar at 1721 North Davidson (next to Abari Game Bar), and Enderly is rooted and committed to making sure their donuts are only paired with the best cup of Joe (get it?! :) aka - Enderly.

Grab a Joe's dough to go, maybe on the way into work. Even better, grab a whole box of them because they've now perfected their production line to have enough for the masses who have already started frequenting this local donut hole that just opened this summer. If you bring in your Enderly coffee mug, you get half off a cup of Enderly (just a pro-tip - consider yourself in the know, and find us at Joe's!)

Donut Ice Cream Party Summer 2016 - Two of Charlotte's best sweet spots (Joe's Doughs and Hart's Soda Shop) will offer four specialty donuts and four specialty sundaes combined.  

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