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After speed dating with Common Market (CM) owners, Chuck Barger and Blake Barnes, for six months, Graham Worth (formerly holding down the fort in an office cubicle for 8 years) linked up with CM as they were exploring expansion/moving. As Graham put it, he has "zero deli-running experience, but I was wanting to get involved in something local and unique, where our individual decision making makes a difference every day and is exciting...gets you out of bed in the morning...always a new problem, different's cool. I would never look back at this point."

Photo Cred: Amy Roberts @thegracefulstories

Tony can relate! That's why Enderly is proud to be sold at Common Market because they are local and unique, and they're all about the neighborhoods where they exist. The new Oakwold store officially opens May 3rd, and Oakhurst and Cotswold neighbors can then walk to get Enderly or a beer or a Ferero Rocher (that's what I always end up grabbing last minute at the counter!) or all three!

Carley Englander, on the other hand, is a self-proclaimed "first generation CM employee" who has known Blake Barnes since high school. She wears many hats and titles, but my favorite is "Minister of Kitchen Affairs"! Doesn't that sound intense and intriguing all at once? Carley lives on the Westside near Enderly and is one of our favorites.

Carley told me, "We really love Enderly Coffee not just for their coffee, but for the people that are Enderly. We appreciate a company that supports their neighborhood as Tony works hard to do. We love the neighborhoods we are in and want to be supportive of them as they are of us. I actually live on the Westside near Enderly Park and am thrilled that they will be opening a store front there! Now I can get great coffee and community no matter where I go! The Westside is only being made cooler by getting a legit coffee shop!"

Cat's out of the bag! See ya at CM or at our new shop! More details to come. Cheers to the CM for continuing the inclusivity with the new name - Oakhurst & Cotswold, you can't say they're not trying to include you both. 

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