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Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Have you ever heard of CreativeMornings/Charlotte (CM/CLT) before? If you’re a “creative thinker, maker or doer” living in Charlotte, chances are you have. Hosted by Charlotte is Creative, CreativeMornings/Charlotte is a once-a-month event that showcases the best of the best in the Queen City. Part networking event, part creative showcase, part keynote address; this event is unlike anything else you’ll find here.

Every first Friday of the month, bright and early (8:15am to be exact!), creatives gather together at an exciting local venue to learn, chat, and have a whole lot of fun. And what’s one thing that creatives need to function so early on a Friday morning? Fresh coffee. That’s where Enderly comes in. As a partner and sponsor of CreativeMornings/Charlotte, Enderly Coffee is the official caffeinator of these monthly events. It’s a job we don’t take lightly… because a lot can happen over a good cup of coffee.

Enderly Coffee is an official sponsor of CreativeMornings/Charlotte
Enderly Coffee is an official sponsor of CreativeMornings/Charlotte

Recently, we asked some CreativeMornings participants why they enjoy attending CM/CLT and what the creative community means to them. There was a lot of consensus, but here’s just a little bit of what they had to say. First, we asked folks who had introduced them to CreativeMornings. The overwhelming majority of people we spoke with said a friend, colleague, or loved one recommended they attend. At Enderly we know the power of word-of-mouth, but this proves that – when it comes to community-building – there’s nothing like getting a recommendation from someone you trust. You can see the power of this community-building aspect at every CreativeMornings event. Regardless of the location, the speaker, or the fact that it’s 8:15am on a Friday! – magic is made. And I’d bet not a single person who attends CM/CLT would argue with that. Most of the folks we chatted with mentioned that – more than any other event they attend – their careers and lives have been significantly impacted by being part of the CM/CLT community.

Creatives fueling up with Enderly Coffee at CreativeMornings/Charlotte
Creatives fueling up with Enderly Coffee at CreativeMornings/Charlotte

From job opportunities, to small business networking, to finally making that “I know someone who knows someone” connection; that’s the power of CreativeMornings. And it’s why Enderly is so honored to be the one who fuels those conversations. After all, there’s nothing quite like striking up a conversation as you’re filling your cup with all of the accouterments you desire to accompany your fresh cup of Joe.

So, if you live in Charlotte, will we see you at the next CreativeMornings?

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