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I saw an advertisement the other day that read, “Only EIGHT Fridays until Christmas!” Talk about effective marketing! I hadn’t even started thinking about the holiday season yet, but now I’m convinced that I absolutely must get my Christmas shopping done before Halloween or prepare to surrender my sanity. That may be a tad dramatic, but eight weeks will probably pass faster than you can text “TGIF” to your co-workers, and I like to be prepared.

Speaking of co-workers and holiday shopping and being prepared, Enderly might be able to take some of the pressure of the upcoming season off your shoulders. If you’re a boss or a manager, we know you don’t want to forget your employees this holiday season.  If you have client relationships you'd like to say "Thank You" to, we know you don't want to forget about them either.  What better way to say “thank you” to the people who work hardest for you all year long than giving them something thoughtful for the holidays?

Enderly is happy to offer corporate gift options that we think your personnel will love. We’ll also work with you to create a holiday coffee label with your company’s logo on it to give the gift a more personalized touch. Who knows, the extra Enderly buzz might even make for a more productive 2016! Win-win.

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