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Introducing Our New Biotre Bags

We wanted you all to hear it from us first, so that you’re not surprised too much by our new upcoming look. That’s right, our signature kraft coffee bag (of 5 years!) that we all know and love is going to be upgraded. One of the main reasons behind this design change is because we decided to invest into sustainability. We are doing this by choosing a more eco-friendly packaging, called Biotre, for our new coffee bags and we are thrilled to share the product with you all!

Combing Quality and Sustainability

The Biotre material was introduced in 2011 as a material that makes environmentally friendly wholesale coffee bags a possibility. Biotre is com

posed of multiple laminated layers of compostable materials, including wood pulp and

sugar cane. The company behind Biotre, TricorBraun Flex, created this line with a comprehensive approach to sustainability in mind. They are focused on waste reduction with 60% of Biotre packaging naturally breaking down in a short period of time, the paper part in only 84 days. Also, with 60% of the Biotre film layers made of renewable m

aterials, Biotre does their part in preserving natural resources.

Our decision in investing in Biotre was influenced by a desire for quality and sustainability, plus this bag adds some functionality also.

Quality - The outer part of the bag is paper-based, but what sets this bag apart from other eco-friendly options is the inner liner that helps preserve the coffee. Yes it is a liner that is made of plastic, but has an additive which allows it to break down over time quicker than average.

Sustainable - Each week we go through 200-400 12oz bags and we are continuing to grow. When you look at that over a year, there are a lot of used Enderly Bags in landfills. We are just a small company, but it is a simple choice we can make to stay true to our values that also pushes us to be more eco-minded. We are always looking for ways to grow.

Re-sealable Bags!

Functional - Finally, these bags RESEAL! That is right. We have a zipper that allows you to keep your coffee airtight in between uses. We have wanted to add this feature for a while now. Now is the time so LET’S GO! Stay tuned, new bags will be hitting the shelves sooner than you think!

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