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Then: I remember doing school fundraisers as a kid. I’d walk door-to-door around the neighborhood, relying on my elementary school charm to entice people to buy stuff that they almost certainly didn’t want – wrapping paper, cheesy gift items, and freezer-burned cookie dough that yielded the most unimpressive cookie I think I’ve ever tasted. But we all know how impossible it is to say no to a pig-tailed eight-year-old, right? Might as well go ahead and buy two Precious Moments figurines so you get a third one FREE!

 Now: As the adult now standing on the other side of the door, I’m aware that there’s a sort of moral obligation to pay it forward when my smallest friends come knocking. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if the kids these days had actual objects of quality to offer their neighbors instead of, well, junk? 

As a matter of fact, they just might! 

Over the last year, Enderly has begun partnering with Carolina Chocolate Company to offer Charlotte organizations a local, charitable fundraising option. As you may already know, all of Enderly’s coffee is fairly sourced from our partners around the world. It’s then roasted right here in Charlotte with a portion of the proceeds from each bag circling directly back into community development right here in Charlotte. Carolina Chocolate Company, also based right here in the Queen City, specializes in handmade chocolate goods, particularly candy bars, barks and dipped items. A portion of their company’s proceeds go to a local organization offering services for abused, abandoned and neglected children. 

If you’re going to organize a fundraiser based around the sale of goods, can you think of anything more honorable than offering fresh, local products defined by their unique and generous stories?

 Several Charlotte organizations have already rolled out deliciously successful fundraisers by partnering with Enderly. We’ve worked with local schools, universities, youth sports teams, Boy Scout troops, alumni associations (but we’re Spartan fans, so no requests from Wolverines, please! ;)), and even Queen’s University of Charlotte National Championship Roast! Our graphic designer is happy to work with you to customize a coffee label if you’d like to differentiate your coffee bags and give your fundraiser a more personal touch.

 Of course you can do whole bean, ground, light, medium, dark, flavored, etc.  We will work to customize each fundraiser to best support the organization we are partnering with. 

If this fundraiser sounds a ‘latte’ sweeter than over-priced giftwrap, fill out the form on our fundraising page to request more information and get started. 

Oh, and once you do, feel free to send your kid a-knockin’ on my door! 

Written by: Ashley Sullivan

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