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What A Month!!! Foster Village Charlotte gets more than half of it’s funding from individuals, so this campaign has huge significance each year! To be honest, the campaign was much slower than previous years. Whether it be the looming recession, inflation, change in social media algorithms, whatever… The world of giving felt like a very different place for much of November.

That is, however, until the final day #GivingTuesday…. You all showed up! With the contributions of almost 500 individuals over 30 days, we are thrilled to share the update below from Becky, co-founder of Foster Village Charlotte!

***Enderly was able to raise $3265 (surpassing our goal of $2500) and matched $2700 of other donations across the campaign. For everyone who contributed (or bought a bag of the Foster Village Blend all year long), THANK YOU! Our region’s families are better off with this organization, no doubt about it.


Foster the Movement Fundraisers,

Whew, WHAT A MOVEMENT. This village is so incredibly special. Our team spent most of yesterday refreshing the campaign page and watching in awe as we got closer to the goal. THANK YOU for your dedication this month to share our mission and vision to those around you. Advocacy begins with awareness and education and we are so grateful for the countless ripple effects that will follow because you said YES to being a part of this movement.

  • 46 fundraisers (YOU!)

  • 494 supporters (YOUR VILLAGE!)

  • $80,591 raised

What I love most about this campaign is the collective energy of bringing together what we can and watching it grow. Whether you made your goal, got close to it, or blew threw it, we are just humbled and encouraged for everyone's intention with us!

If you have any feedback or stories you'd love to share, please send them my way!

A big congrats to Maria for most donors on the page, Josclyn for most money raised, Samantha and Robin for most social media/creative campaigns. -- Becky Santoro

Co-Founder | Foster Village Charlotte

Director of Programs & Development

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