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Written By Holly Blackman

You may be thinking about how much Halloween candy to buy for tonight, so you're not that house who turns off the light by 7 pm, or perhaps, you're drawing straws with family members to see who'll cook the bird this Thanksgiving. And chances are, whether you're ready or not, that your work is all abuzz with holiday planning.

What to give clients?

Harry & David? (I suppose if they're 70+); Ornaments? (They have enough and more that never leave their attic!); Ghiradelli & Lindt chocolates? (Maybe, but I suggest our Guatemalan - Leivas blend!) Who doesn't enjoy a gift that supports others filling their cup on a cold morning or a bag of roasted beans from a local company who gives back to the community? Plus, you can use your own logo to market yourself while gift-giving! Contact Tony here to learn more.


Or maybe corporate gifts aren't your thing, and you're thinking more along the lines of personal gifts. 

I loathe the 1 million who told that they're already finished Christmas shopping (uh!) or even the 34 million people who have already started! If you're a planner and need a gift your boss'll enjoy, your son's preschool teacher will savor and your next door neighbor will also use every day, than besides the obvious choice (toilet paper!), Enderly Coffee is the way to go. 

Probability is on your side that it won't be re-gifted because 83% of Americans (according to the National Coffee Association) drink coffee, and how many more keep the divine beans on hand for guests (hello holidays!!)? The odds are in your favor and speaking of favor, what better party gift at a holiday party or served as pour overs at a holiday breakfast? Go big or go home! Your guests will leave with a different kind of buzz - one that'll give them the energy to finish that Christmas shopping, and to finish shopping, alas, we must begin... 

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