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Written By Holly Blackman

The sad, traditional path of a coffee bean dollar

  • $0.10 goes to the farmer

  • $0.25 goes to the "cayote" for transport

  • $0.20 goes to the exporter/shipper

  • $0.45 goes to the roaster or local shop

              And the farmer stays poor.

That is why at Enderly we are intentional about our beans. For one of our beans, we have chosen to partner with the Leivas family, whose mission is "to aid and enrich the lives of coffee growers in Guatemala by turning modest profit into great works of compassion".  The Leivas make a way for small farmers to find a market in the largest economy in the world by finding customers for their product. They sell directly to the public, cutting out the middle men, so they can give back to the farmers and their families.  They also sell to us, Enderly Coffee, having the same results.

So, this Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, we hope you'll join us with intentional, missional purchasing because our dollars are all supporting something, but what? To buy our Guatemala Leivas beans now and help a farming family, click below, or share this info. to spread the word.

A note from Geovanni Leiva, "Leiva's mission is to break cycles of poverty and give hope where there has never been before. We do it by locking arms with coffee lovers and like minded people. Tony Santoro was one of the very 1st people that said yes to our call to join our Familia. Through our partnership, we have been able to provide clean water, fund a school and build homes for single moms. Our future depends on more partnerships like this. Thank you Enderly Coffee for choosing Leiva's!"

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