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Go Local, Part 2

Probably the one coffee rule that we can all agree on is the flexibility of how we experience it. It’s not limited to a morning ritual, an afternoon pick-me-up, or even solely to being a “food and beverage” concept. Coffee is social! We love to drink coffee as we engage with others. Which leads me to part two of highlighting the *Cool Factor* of our local partners. If you don’t know, Charlotte is home to some really unique business concepts.

Cheryse Terry’s Archive CLT provides a unique community connection experience

Archive CLT is a creatively curated community hub, designed by Cheryse Terry to celebrate Black memories and stories. Cheryse’s vision to share a space of nostalgia and empowerment with her community, is just one of the many local stories that are about lifting up others and participating alongside each other.

And while “getting involved” in your community can look like many things, few places do so as intentionally as Charlotte’s CRTV Lab. Local nonprofit, Do Greater recently developed a permanent home for the Lab in west Charlotte. Described as “a creative collision,” the Lab intersperses creative professionals with a community center for kids. The concept behind CRTV Lab is to expose kids to technology (specifically creative and design prospective), and to leaders that exist in their own neighborhoods.

Enderly partners with CRTV Lab Coffee to provide support for young creatives

These local initiatives motivate connection, and desire to be a part of something bigger than just an indi

vidual doing daily life repetitively. So don’t just sit there– wondering how to find what you’re looking for in Charlotte; get out and be a part of it! You’ll definitely find some amazing humans along the way, and maybe even your new favorite coffee stop.

Do Greater Charlotte is the non-profit powering CRTV Lab and its programs

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