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Hey! I’m Kerri (an Enderly newbie), and Tony invited me to share my thoughts on how we partner with some of Charlotte’s locally owned businesses to engage in the city’s vastly UNDERrated personality (yeah, I said it!).

Recently, Tony invited me along on a delivery route, bringing wholesale coffee orders to many of the local shops, restaurants, and other businesses we partner with. I’ve lived in Charlotte for —(calculating slowly in my head)— 18 years?? Yet, as we drove through neighborhood after neighborhood, I found myself saying “I’ve never been here” quite often. Riding along with Tony was pretty fun—not just for the tight turns that he takes in the van (named Luigi), but for the insight he shared on the various neighborhoods and businesses we experienced along the way.

“Luigi” is part of a set... Guess the other one’s name! ;)

Experiencing Tony’s intentional participation in his Charlotte community made me itch for a little bit of that for myself. We talked a little about the “why” as we headed home, when he mentioned how “getting out and connecting” was really good for him. The mutual investments that local business owners make when they partner up, is about the flavors of those individuals (and their families, friends, employees, etc) mingling to make Charlotte something truly unique.

The Enderly local community is vast and growing! We love that every one of them brings their own flavor to local culture, and absolutely believe that Charlotte is improved with each one. We love getting to be a part of restaurants like The Goodwurst, and Restaurant Constance, who bring inspired stories and atmosphere to Charlotte’s food scene. And we consider it a privilege to celebrate the success and growth of local coffee and market shops like Wildroots Coffee, and The Morning Glory coffee drive-up, as they work on plans for brick and mortar shops. We delight in the expansion of the familiar favorite Rhino Market & Deli, who are moving into a new South Park location soon. If you haven’t experienced these local gems-take it from this homebody— the people, the energy and atmosphere, the quality of service and products are worth the participation!

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